Film Catering in Toronto

Co-Owner Kim Everest has been in the film business for over 30 years as a one of Canada’s premiere casting directors. Resistance was futile with her career choice, as her mother and actor Sharon Acker, best known for her role as Princess Odona in Star Trek, was also in the entertainment business. So, Kim KNOWS set food!

Committed to only serving the freshest, locally and ethically sourced products, with robust rich flavors Saucy Affairs Catering is determined to bring set catering to new heights. Food is preferred to be cooked on-site, and if there are no on-site facilities, the Saucy Affairs team loads the hotboxes at the very last minute to ensure the food is fresh and always hot!

Sample Menus

*There are only a few selected items listed here. For our complete menu options please contact us.