William Alexander, Satisfied Client

On Aug 25 2015, we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. It had to be special and it was recommended to me by my daughter to consider a personal chef that comes to the house and would prepare a special menu worthy of my cherished life partner. Along came SAUCY AFFAIRS ! Not quite sure what to expect I called a very pleasant woman named Kim Everest. Within 5 minutes I knew I was on the right track. She discussed and recommended the 5 course menu, and then advised me that we would be given 2 of the most brilliant chefs in Toronto. Celebrity Chef Couillard, (chef to many stars) and Red Seal Chef Glen Anderson who in his own right is a celebrity chef. What we got was an evening that we will never forget. The most outstanding entrees that left myself and our 6 guests begging for more, to a main course where people literally quit talking upon the first taste, but then immediately started ranting about how this was literally the finest meal they had ever had. As an aside my guests included couples that enjoy fine dining on a regular basis and one was a chef herself. Mix that with the exquisite service we got from our professional waiter Nuno, and you have the recipe for a wonderful and memorable evening.

If you want an experience that you will not soon forget, call Kim and then let her do everything.

Ps: My wife says if I die tomorrow she would like to know if these chefs are single as she would marry them just for their cooking…

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